Looking Forward

Looking Forward

"We need enthusiasm, imagination and ability to face facts, even unpleasant ones, bravely. We need to correct by drastic means if necessary the faults in our economic system from which we now suffer. We need the courage of the young."

EXTREMELY RARE ADVANCE REVIEW COPY OF THE FIRST EDITION, ONE OF 130 RECALLED ADVANCE COPIES, with manuscript corrections by the publisher on pages 36, 158 and 269 and canceled leaf 141/142.

The publisher (John Day) bound 130 advance copies in wrappers and sent them out to reviewers on March 10, 1933. One copy was received at the White House and several significant errors were discovered. The publisher acquiesced to the President and sent telegrams to each of the reviewers recalling the books. Only about 10 were not sent back. The remaining 120, as here, were re-issued with manuscript deletions and an inserted leaf.

“Published in March 1933, and rapidly proceeding to four printings before the end of the month, [Looking Forward] consisted of a compilation of articles and speeches which Roosevelt had given before taking office as President. Together they amounted to a political philosophy which Roosevelt wished to offer to the American public at the start of his administration. It offered hope for the future and affirmed the central role of government in improving the quality of ordinary people's lives. Through government, he argued, the socio-economic system could be rebuilt to ensure that a great depression would never again blight the life of the nation…

"In Looking Forward [Roosevelt] remained an American nationalist fervently believing in the nation's exceptional qualities: 'America is new. It is in the process of change and development. It has the great potentialities of youth’” (Bennett, Roosevelt’s Peacetime Administrations).

New York: John Day Co., 1933. Octavo, original paper wrappers; custom box. Spine cracked, but holding; page 141, the cancelled leaf, detached (as often) - it may never have been properly bound; small tear to corner of rear wrapper. RARE.

Price: $2,900 .

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