Silver Gelatin Photographs Signed
Silver Gelatin Photographs Signed
Silver Gelatin Photographs Signed
Silver Gelatin Photographs Signed

Silver Gelatin Photographs Signed


Each of the three 11x14 inch silver prints is signed by Ali in silver marker on the front of the image; each image is also signed by Corman on the verso and marked “1 of 1”. The Ali signatures are particularly strong and bold.

Trained under Richard Avedon, Richard Corman has been one of the most celebrated portrait photographers of the last thirty years.

Rolling Stone refers to his photographs as “iconic” and documentarian Ken Burns says Corman’s versatile body of work is an “artistic vision dedicated to the highest aspirations of human endeavor... the photographs record in big moments and small, among the famous and ordinary, the gifted and challenged, larger truths relevant to all of us.”

Although he has met and photographed countless inspiring athletes, politicians, and cultural figures, Corman fondly remembers his photoshoot with Ali as a milestone in his career. As he explains:

These images shot in 1998 in NYC on the lower westside in many ways was the culmination of my career up to that point and still remains one of the highlights of a very fortunate career.  I was awestruck when he agreed to fly to New York to pose for the cover of my first book… it still blows my mind and was so flattering. He was fighting Parkinson’s, but never let that disease stop his bold character.

You see Ali was my hero on so many levels: great humanitarian, genius athlete, incredible sense of humor, beyond courageous, and a dignity I had never in my lifetime witnessed before. He had principle and strength that so many looked up to… rich, poor, black or white. He moved so many of us.

He lived up to every preconceived notion I had of him during our short time together in my studio. However it was his humility and generosity that was so prevalent and set the stage for a shoot that was honest, truthful and so memorable.

I still get chills when I see his signature on these three photographs.

The Ali photos have been widely reproduced and are perhaps the most recognizable images of Ali later in life. They were featured in Time Magazine and one of the images served as the cover of Corman’s first book Glory.

New York: Richard Corman, 1998-1999. Three 11x14 inch silver gelatin prints. Stunningly framed as a triptych in a museum-quality archival frame.


Price: $22,500 .