Andy Warhol's Index (Book). ANDY WARHOL.
Andy Warhol's Index (Book)
Andy Warhol's Index (Book)
Andy Warhol's Index (Book)
Andy Warhol's Index (Book)
Andy Warhol's Index (Book)
Andy Warhol's Index (Book)

Andy Warhol's Index (Book)

"We were able to execute just about every crazy idea we had because a special printer in Japan could manufacture this kind of pop-up, foldout book. So the book had these terrific features that were a lot of fun…" -Alan Rinzler, Warhol's consulting editor, on the making of the book

FIRST EDITION, preferred hardcover issue, of Warhol's iconic Index (Book), complete with all components (except balloon as usual).

"Andy Warhol's Index (Book), which is an expensive rarity today, was another portrait of the mysterious silver factory as a schizoid fun house. It consists primarily of photographs, blank pages, joke pages, and a pop-up cut-out of a medieval castle inhabited by Warhol's superstars above the logo 'We are constantly under attach.' The text is a rambling, seemingly random, classically monosyllabic interview with Warhol. Although it stands today as an essential report on the Warhol factory, the Index book operates on a different level entirely inasmuch as it does not rely primarily on language" (Bockris, Warhol: The Biography).

Complete with:

-pop-up castle, with small closed tear (as often) at one of the pop-up folds
-a paper accordion still with strong squeak
-a multi-colored pop-up airplane
-a folded geodesic dome, detached from string, as often, with often-missing rubber band inside, small tear from where the original seal was broken
-a paper disc with "The Chelsea Girls" in printed type
-45 R.P.M. flexi-disc with portrait of Lou Reed, which plays a supposedly unrecorded song by Nico and the Velvet Underground
-an illustration of a nose with two colored overlays on a double-folded page
-pop-up Hunt's Tomato Paste can
-a sheet of eight stamps to be placed in water
-balloon (which nearly always deteriorates) missing, with just a small piece of masking tape from original mount present, pages not damaged as is often the case when the balloon deteriorates.

New York: Random House, 1967. Octavo, original black cloth with holographic front board; custom silk box by noted book designer Sjoerd Hofstra. Binding extremely bright and clean. An outstanding copy of a notoriously fragile book.

Price: $1,800 .

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